YES! Finally... a bra that understands your needs as a breastfeeding mother!

We think it is wonderful that you've said YES! to breastfeeding. We created the YES! nursing/maternity bra to help make breastfeeding simpler. Three friends - one Canadian, one Jamaican and one Chinese - put their best ideas into the YES! bra so you could nurse in comfort.

We said YES! to flexibility and ease. The Canadian wanted a nursing bra that would change sizes as she did, so our design is a stretchy, breathable blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. An easy-open , one-handed clasp lets you hold baby with the other hand

We said YES! to comfort and good support. The Jamaican chose a sports-bra style that has a wide elastic "no-roll" support band, side panels on all sizes and a big back panel for even weight distribution. The band, back panel and side panels give you "wireless" support! Because of the risk of plugged ducts/mastitis, under-wire is not advised for nursing bras - especially for sleep bras!

We said YES! to good value and style. Our Chinese friend made the nursing bra affordable. If you don't know how long you can/will breastfeed, price is important. She also chose 3 popular colours and designed a beautiful bamboo motif for the print.

Features we think you’ll love:

  • Soft fabric
  • Flexible, stretchy, breathable blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex
  • Pretty design that symbolizes strength and natural durability
  • Easy-open one-hand clasp made of durable plastic
  • An extra set of replacement clasps just in case baby tugs too hard (we’ve had no breakage but there is nothing worse than a great bra with a broken clasp)
  • Clasps that lie flat under clothing
  • Adjustable straps
  • 3 most popular colours: black, white and beige
  • Range of sizes for your changing breasts
  • High-quality product
  • No under-wire
  • Good support
  • Wide back panel for reduced back strain
  • Excellent price
  • Great return policy

In Canada, moms get 52 weeks paid maternity leave so breastfeeding is a lot more convenient. And, a creative Mom found just the thing to do with all that time off!

This is a BRAND NEW bra, designed by a breastfeeding mom in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Still nursing after 27 months, she decided it was time for a bra that took all the BEST of all the OK, good and so-so bras out there and combined it into one new design.

Sports-bra styles are the #1 sellers and are great because they have the big back panel for even weight distribution and the strong support band all around. Add in side-panels and you have a bra that will hold up when you need it to.

The brand-new YES! nursing/ maternity bra was created to help make breastfeeding simpler, easier, more comfortable and more affordable.

If you don't know how long you will nurse, if you can nurse, or how big a bra you'll actually need...or you don't want to spend a ton of money up-front until you see how breastfeeding works for you and your baby- try the new YES! maternity and nursing bra.


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